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Girl Unit and Nguzunguzu Double at Revolver

I Googled London-based label Night Slugs just then and pretty much every single article I read contained the words "label of the year" in conjunction.

 That's a lot of praise - the internet is a big, big place. And Phillip Gamble - the man behind Girl Unit - is undoubtedly one of the label's deadliest weapons. The producer's ridiculous take on mutant club music, hip hop, R'n'B and beyond has been impressing all the right people of late, especially with the all-conquering anthemic single Wut as well as a ridiculously hyperactive and enjoyable EP Club Rez from last month. He'll be joined by the equally out-there LA production duo Nguzunguzu, whose explorations of bass music territory have led them to being billed as the next big thing. 

Catch Girl Unit and Nguzunguzu at Revolver on Friday July 27.