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Funkoars Getting Down and Dirty

Adelaide-born hip-hop collective Funkoars, consisting of Mr. Trials, Uncle Sesta, Sketchy Hons and DJ Reflux, are some funny dudes. 

Once asked where the name came from, they replied “Funkoar is the dreg of society. It is the funnel in which all morals and conscious are drained into the river Styx.” Heavy. I wouldn’t go that far, they’ve done some pretty cool things – toured with Public Enemy and The Hilltop Hoods and made a name for themselves within Australian hip-hop with three dope albums to their name already and a fourth, titled The Quickeningin a couple of weeks. Rad. They’ve also got an all-new live show ready to go, which will see them play material from their latest release as well as the classics that got them where they are. 

Check them out at Billboard on Friday October 7.