Food In Focus: Eat A Scroll

While last year’s dessert trends revolved around the doughnut, 2015 is definitely the year of the scroll. If cafés were to be embodied as cartoon characters from your childhood, Eat A Scroll would definitely be Cheer Bear, this place will just make you happy. 

Eat A Scroll launched last year as a pop up shop and remains Melbourne’s only dedicated scroll shop and café until they find a more permanent location. Good news, too, they’ve just started operating on Sundays. Their scrolls are moist (yes, that word is totally appropriate here), sweet and delicious; your first bite will be like the first time you heard The Beatles. For owner Julian Chew (from the hugely popular Lip Café), there’s a tremendous sense of nostalgia when it comes to the smell of these freshly baking treats and it’s fair to say this would be true for a lot of people who visit their pretty little shop front. The idea came when he found his café in Ivanhoe was constantly selling out of their house made cinnamon scrolls, with customers traveling far and wide to buy them. It may be a simple concept, but it’s delightfully simple, mouthwatering and oh so cute. While their regular flavours comprise of cinnamon and Chew’s signature cream cheese icing; chocolate and caramel; peanut butter and banana; and coconut and white chocolate, they’ve also release special editions like gingerbread and cherry for Christmas, raspberry and white chocolate for Valentine’s Day and the pavlova cruffin (croissant-pavlova hybrid with passionfruit curd) for Australia Day. They’ve also started more experimentation with the beloved cruffin to great success: they just keep selling out of them. Made with organic ingredients and with love every day, Eat A Scroll is sure to make you feel fuzzy inside. 
If marrying desserts was legal and not at all weird, I’d elope with the chocolate and caramel scroll yesterday. 

Eat A Scroll is at 86 Smith St, Collingwood.