Fitzroy bar Bad Frankie introduces a jaffle jammed with baked beans

Bar Frankie are bringing back the iconic jaffle filling.

Increasing their hipster reputation, SPC has teamed up with Melbourne spirits and jaffle bar Bad Frankie, to introduce the SPC Classic Aussie Jaffle.

This delicacy combines Bad Frankie’s vibe with vintage Australian flavours and is available throughout October. Can’t you just feel your mouth watering over the cheese, bacon and oozy baked beans? These iconic cheese toasties are only available for a limited time.

Bad Frankie is famous for its expansive range of jaffles – both sweet and savoury. Since opening in 2014, this bar has been at the centre of the up and coming distilling industry, winning Australian Bartender Magazine’s Small Best Bar last year.

“We love promoting Australian spirits and local produce, and jaffles are the perfect bar snack,” adds Bad Frankie Bar Manager Lewis Hall.

“We couldn’t pass up the opportunity to collaborate given [the opportunity] to use a childhood favourite in a modern way.”

Whether you’re a local bar hopper or baked bean enthusiast, get down to Bad Frankie for baked bean jaffles and alcoholic accompaniment.

Get your baked bean jaffle at Bad Frankie, 141 Greeves St Fitzroy, open from 5pm Tuesday to Sunday. Visit BadFrankie.com for more information.