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The Mercat
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Felix Dickinson Hits Up Animals Dancing

Felix Dickinson's induction into the world of dance music came at a young age - at the tender age of 20, he threw his first four-day free festival out in Sussex, the result of a collaboration with his friends in the Tonka crew and friends. 

It was a resounding success: the police and the roadblocks did nothing to stop 4,000 people from dancing all weekend. Since then, Dickinson has established his own record label Ugly Music alongside friend and local record store owner Tony Lee, releasing tunes from Chicago’s K-Alexi, Da Posse and Underground Evolution as well as remixes by DJ Harvey and Britains’ unsung Mr. Fingers Jaime Read, along with his own astounding work. Known for his work under a multiplicity of aliases, it's often that people claim to be unfamiliar with his work, whilst finding that at least one of his tunes is stashed in their box of records somewhere.

Alongside the Animals Dancing regulars, Felix Dickinson plays the Mercat on Friday October 5. Stay tuned to their Facebook event for ticketing details.