Famous Brunswick late-night haunt Cafe Romantica re-opens as Bar Romantica

And it's now schmick AF.

It's been nearly a year since Cafe Romantica closed, a sad occasion for the hoardes of locals who depended on the greasy, loveable, fluorescent late-night divebar for a game of pool, some pizza and a 4am beer. 

But, it's all uphill from here, because joint owners Henry Crawford, Oscar Hermann, William Howard, Monty Mullooly-Hill and Ravi Thompson have reopened Romantica and presented Brunswickians with a renovated, classy and art-deco replacement, still open and serving food until 5am, but with a bit more flair. 

The menu sure has had an upgrade, with a focus on fresh produce and utilising off-cuts. Dishes include steak tartare with smoked egg yolk and potato crisps, seared kingfish with pickled kohlrabi, and can be washed down with local craft beers and classic cocktails. 

The decor is now deep plush, red booths, love heart shaped table tops and a heavy American oak, wood theme. 

It's a nod to the old Romantica and a fresh, modern influence to fit in with the heavy Lygon street competition. 

52 Lygon St, Brunswick.