Eminem has opened a 'Mom's Spaghetti' pop-up restaurant

If you had one shot. One opportunity. Would you capture, or just let it slip? 

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Of all the words Eminem will be remembered for, one singular rhyme remains unforgettable: "His palms are sweaty / knees weak, arms are heavy / There's vomit on his sweater already; Mom's spaghetti". 

The immortal 'Lose Yourself' line has etched itself into the minds of anyone who's ever seen 8 Mile. In fact, chances are you may have never listened to Eminem in your life  but when 'Lose Yourself' comes on at a party, you'll be shouting that 'mom's spaghetti' bit at the top of your lungs.

Lately, the phrase has even enjoyed somewhat of a renaissance thanks in part to cracking memes like this: 

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Now, it's finally come full circle. Eminem has gone full meta by opening a 'Mom's Spaghetti' pop-up in Detroit. I've said it before, and I'll say it again: what a time to be alive. 


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As for what's on the menu? I'll give you one guess. 

Finally, an artist has incorporated spaghetti into their album release party. In this humble Italian-Australian's opinion, this should become the new industry standard for all album releases. In fact, if you're going to send an EP to the Beat office, go right ahead and stuff some spaghetti into the envelope while you're at it. 

But I digress. Let's get back to the menu. There's also spaghetti sandwiches, meatballs and garlic bread. Have a squizz below. 


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Never change, Eminem. And while this pop-up is empirically 10,000 times better than his newest album, I'm still pretty bloody glad it exists.