Duke Pizza ensure the perfect amount of crunch in every bite

There’s nothing like kicking back with your mates, having a yarn, knocking back a few cold ones and ordering a pizza for a night of total leisure. Duke Pizza is a brand new pizza joint on Elizabeth Street that offers the perfect opportunity to do just that.

The neon lights that adorn the venue hark back to the type of pizza haunts you might find in New York. Tender love and care has gone into every inch of the décor, while beautiful pastel tiles offer a modern slant on a vintage motif.  
For those up for a serious food challenge, Duke's 24-inch pizza is for you. Unless you're ready to suffer an early death, you'll need some friends on board to tackle this one. Get a hungry crew together and go all in.
As well as a large range of toppings spanning everything from margherita to ham and pineapple, there's a few special options peppered throughout the menu for the more adventurous too.
Their Little Miss Piggy topped with prosciutto, rocket and gorgonzola is well worth a try. A further standout is the Pony Special, showcasing thinly sliced potatoes alongside rosemary and fontina cheese. Pared back with a white base, it's a simple yet filling choice to make.
The ever-enticing Mary Jane illustrates that simplicity is key when it comes to pizza, offering the best of old-school flavours with tomato, mozzarella, fresh oregano and basil. You know what they say: if it ain't broke, don't fix it. For the formaggio fanatics out there, you can't look past Duke's take on a four-cheese pizza. Oozing with gorgonzola, pecorino, parmesan and fontino. It's an utter delight, as the flavours of each cheese intertwine with each other – alternating on your palate with each bite.  For those who want to break with tradition, the Straya will sort you out. Tomato, mozzarella, ham, bushrooms, egg, bacon pieces and onion come together to offer up an Italy-via-outback Australia flavour that's been a guilty pleasure of punters for years.
An honourable mention goes to the dough, which is specially prepared two days in advance to ensure quality and flavour. It results in a pizza base that reaches the perfect amount of crunch and flavour every time.
Whether you’re looking to become the hero of your next house party by bringing home a giant pizza or just settling in for a night of indulgence – Duke are the pizza aficionados you simply need to try.

Duke Pizza is located at 1/660 Elizabeth St, Melbourne.