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Andrew Hazard Hickey Joined: 8th December 2010
Last seen: 29th November 2012
Royal Melbourne Hotel
629 Bourke St
Melbourne CBD


Andrew Hazard Hickey's picture
Andrew Hazard Hickey Joined: 8th December 2010
Last seen: 29th November 2012

Brazilian duo Dirtyloud have made a resounding impact on the current musical landscape with their hard-hitting style which encompasses everything from dubstep, electro house and drum and bass. Before they hit Melbourne for the very first time, we sit down for a chat with one half of the dirty duo Marcus Vinícius G. Campos to talk about conquering the world, and what the future projects we can expect from Dirtyloud.

How are you feeling about returning to Australia?


It feels really good. We’ve been to Australia before, August 2011, but in Melbourne is our first time. We’re very excited about it!


What’s one of the craziest shows or cities you’ve done before?

On our last tour in USA we played in Denver at Red Rocks Amphitheatre, incredible place, very beautiful, and it was insane! Also Pretoria and Cape Town in South Africa were amazing, with great energy coming from the crowd.


Is there a different energy with Australian audiences, do you see differences in the crowd depending on the country?

Definitely. Each country has its own scene, the crowd likes different kind of music and reacts differently. The audience in Australia is really receptive and warm. The response has always been amazing!


How does the music translate from the studio to the live stage?

It’s pretty much the same, as we make the tracks always thinking on crowd reaction.


What’s the dynamic like in the studio between you guys?

We start choosing our drum samples until we build the drum as we like it. After that, we make some bass lines and the rest just come as the creative part of the process. The energy between us two is really good. We are more than partners, we became really close friends and having this good vibe around us, the work just flow.


Do you need any special ingredients in the studio when it comes to recording? How does a track like Needle come together?

Not necessarily. In our studio we have everything we need to make a track. But what defines the track or what was it going to sound like, is the feeling we have for that, the energy of the day and we always think on crowd reaction – which is the most important thing to build a track.


Your music is full of energy and it gets your attention, is that what happens when you grow up in Brazil, does your heritage play a part in your sound?

Yes, for sure. We both had a great influence from our parents and relatives. We grew up listening to good quality music like rock and roll, blues, progressive rock, soul and jazz. So I think that our tracks are directly influenced by these music styles and also have some beats and moves from all of them.


There seems to be new DJs coming out every minute, do you find dance music very competitive?

A lot in the beginning. But once the work gets more solid, and the tracks begin to follow your own style and the public starts recognizing your music. Also the market is really big and I think it fits everyone. Every and each place has parties happening all the time, so everyone gets the opportunity to play and show their music and work, even if it’s a big or small event.


What projects are you guys working on now, anything we should look out for, maybe a full album?

We released a dubstep remix of Sharam’s  Our Love at the end of March. In April went out a remix for Deadmau5 Hey Baby for Play Records, and a new original Dae Gaetta on Surfer Rosa Records. We made a remix for Porter Robinson’s Vandalism, which is going to be release by OWSLA, but we don't have a due date for this release. We're also working on a new EP with six to eight tracks including remixes and originals. And we have tours already confirmed in Europe in August and USA again in September.




Dirtyloud [BRA] hit the Royal Melbourne Hotel this Friday June 8.