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Dave Pham At New Guernica

Both residents and benchmark DJs as well as some of Melbourne's finest in up-and-coming talent are getting ready for the next few months, and old favourite Dave Pham is set to take on the next one. 

After befriending a local DJ who lent Pham his decks way back in the early nineties, Pham he began his mixing expedition and never looked back. Over 10 years have passed, and since these humble beginnings Dave Pham has become on of Australia’s most sought after electronica artists with his love for the heavier end of techno - a specialty that has remained uniquely his to this day. 

With support from Darkbeat's finest including Phil K, Gavin Keitel, Rollin Connection, Dave Juric, Walter Jaun and Jason D'Costa, catch them at New Guernica on Friday May 25.