Crêpes For Change

How does an idea like Crêpes For Change begin? Crêpes for Change is a youth-led social enterprise and Australia’s first non-profit crêpe food truck. The project was started by myself (Dan) and my brother Liam in late 2014. We crowdfunded to raise money for the van, and got it on the road in August 2015. We turned over $110,000 in our first year.
All profits go towards providing sustainable solutions for eliminating youth homelessness. What kind of projects does the money go towards? The CFC van reinvests all of the profits into programs that we identify to meet the most pressing needs of the homeless community. Currently, the bulk of our profits are reinvested into our ‘Flexible Housing Fund’ program run through our partnership with Launch Housing.
You’ve been to the Coburg Night Markets previously; what kind of atmosphere does it generate? The Coburg Night Market is one of my favourite events of the year. It’s a great vibe for families, the young and not so young alike. There’s great music, a bar, and of course – food trucks.
What are the memories that make you happiest to be involved? The day we signed the Impact Partnership with Launch Housing earlier in the year and made our first donation of $20,000 was one of the proudest moments to date. I’m immensely proud of what we’ve achieved, and hope we are able to continue to build on it. 

Crêpes For Change will be at Coburg Night Market, taking place every Friday night from Friday November 25 until Friday December 16.