Coffee in a cone is now a thing and it's coming to Melbourne

Finally, a morning cone you can punch at work without losing your job.  

While delicious, the coffee in a cone is also environmentally friendly. After all, how will your coffee cup go to waste when you've eaten the whole thing? 
The cone is also ingeniously designed, coated with a thick layer of dark chocolate to prevent your flat white from spilling all over the place. 
The food invention (foodvention?) comes from the mind of barista Dayne Levinard, who is bringing the creation to punters in NSW and Victoria. 
"Picture having a coffee and a cookie – this is the same thing, just better," said Levinard to Good Food
"The coffee melts into the chocolate creating a creamy, chocolatey flavour explosion in your mouth. At first it is a subtle chocolate sweetness, which gets stronger as you sip further and you end with a crunchy, biscuity waffle cone with beautiful melted chocolate inside."
Sounds pretty good to us. Almost as good as the Melbourne venue serving deep fried tequila shots

Check out their Instagram for local stockists.