Co-Ground bounces back from theft for best artist market yet

The nonprofit cafe Co-Ground Coffee will host the Artist Market all throughout summer despite an untimely robbery.

Starting from this weekend, travelling brewers Co-Ground Coffee will be hosting the Brunswick Artist Market, which is set to run every month until February 2018.

Over 30 stalls will be displaying their trendy local wares in the spacious beer garden, with live music and hot food adding to the good vibes.

Co-Ground Coffee announced today that their cafe partners La Marzocco are lending them a new coffee machine after Co-Ground's machines were stolen last Friday.

The cafe also launched a crowd-funding campaign to raise funds for replacement machines, and thanks to kind samaritans they've already reached their target.

Co-Ground Coffee runs thanks to volunteers from the charity organisation Co-Ground. 100 percent of profits made go to relief projects in the Asia-Pacific region.

The Brunswick Artist Market opens tomorrow. Entry is free. For details on Co-Ground Coffe, seeĀ co-ground.org