Christy Tania Talks Floating Ice-Cream

Where did you first have the idea to create a floating dessert? It's something that both the producers of MasterChef and I discussed together. They were throwing ideas in the box of things that is labeled "probably too crazy to attempt" and I basically told them, nothing is too crazy and let's try to combine few of those "probably too crazy to attempt" things; floating ice cream held by an edible balloon. Why not? 
How did you bring that vision to life? A lotof preparation, trial and error, multiple recipe tests and pretty much some chemical and food technology brainstorming sessions I had with some friends of mine who know a thing or two about chaining sugar (polysaccharide) reaction with gelling (hydrocolloid) agents and temperature plus liquid. In other words, mad scientists’ convention.
How do you think imagination and creativity plays into cooking? It's the spark of something great. That’s how I see imagination and creativity. In the world where everything has been tested and done with, we always need to create something new, imagine something great. However, without skill and determination, it would stay at that level. Just a spark. You need it to ignite the flame, but you need a lot of energy and stubbornness to keep the flame going 
How long does it take you to perfect an idea? It depends on the dish. This particular dish for example, took me the whole week. Some plated desserts I did at Om Nom, took between five and 15 tries for me to be happy to put it out in menu, however some would be such a spur of the moment and in which I have some recipes ready in-hand and I could make it within few hours. It's never boring.

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