A chicken nugget festival is hitting Melbourne and dear god, what is life

Here's a nugget of good news for you. 

New slogan idea for Melbourne: if you can eat it, we'll make a festival out of it. 

Now, it's the humble nugget's turn to enjoy its moment in the sun. And yes, there'll be plenty of Szechuan sauce to go around. 

Plating up the golden nuggets of glory will be a range of Melbourne's finest nug-smiths (I swear that's a real thing and not a phrase I just made up now) including Hot Star Melbourne,  Roadrunner Fried Chicken, The Real Jerk Food Truck, Gorilla Grill, and a heap more from people who know their way around a nug. 

Now it's up to you. Nuggets. Get around 'em. 

It's all going down Saturday November 11 at Welcome to Thornbury. Check out the Facebook event here if you don't believe me.