A chicken nugget donut pop-up store is launching in Australia

Behold the Donug.

Donugs is the brainchild of two hospitality professionals who have paved strong careers in the industry. Where did the idea spur from and what in fact is a Donug?

We have worked on many projects in the past including The B.East, Jimmy Grants, Maha and Higher Ground. The Donug is a fried chicken doughnut covered in a cornflake and panko crumb.

Why is such a concept perfect for the food-loving Melbourne?

Melbourne is on the forefront of food culture globally and has some of the best restaurants, bars and produce in the world, as well as a captive audience who strive to embrace innovation across all aspects of the hospitality industry.

What is the vision for Donugs? Is this something we’ll be seeing plenty more of in the future?

We hope so. We have spent a lot of time, money and effort in setting this up as a proper Aussie innovation. The rest of the world might be ready or not, but they’ll take a lead from Melbourne and we hope to expand across the globe in time.

What type of chicken are you using for the Donug?

We use fully free range chicken from Hazeldene’s in Bendigo and all other premium ingredients to ensure that we do this right from the start, instead of back-tracking to improve our standards in the future.

How will the Donug stand look like on the day?

Bright, bold and hopefully busy!

Donugs are coming to the Sydney Road Street Party on Sunday March 3. For more information, head to loveadonug.com.