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Carl Cox Plays Trak

Given that his career's been on a steady trajectory into the stratosphere since his early days of hardcore and rave in the 1980s, it feels a little redundant to include a little overview of Carl Cox's career here.

Especially considering he's one of the guys responsible for the popularisation of dance music across the world in the first place. What the hell would we have done without Carl Cox? Gosh, I shudder to think of the possibilities. As it turns out, Cox is also a super-nice dude and bailing on a glorious European summer to bring his Revolution tour down for an exclusive one-off affair, supported by Intec and Bush Records man of the moment, Joe Brunning, the future sound of tech house DJ and producer Steve Ward, Release and Bamboo Records Midnite Sleaze and Bush head honcho Eric Powell.

It all goes down at Trak on Friday June 22.