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Canyons New Live Show

Modular Records signees and Sydneysiders Canyons have been climbing to great heights, recently. 

It’s more than likely you caught wind of their debut LP Keep Your Dreams, seamlessly blending the sounds of euphoric nineties vocal house, hazed-out disco and moments of blissful ambience – whether on Australian radio airwaves, at festivals such as Peats Ridges or in support slots for the likes of Justice. Considering themselves musicians rather than producers or DJs, this distinction does much to explain their musical and heartfelt approach to songwriting - frantic chords, loose synth lines and macerated drum machines alongside sun-bleached sitars, hypnotic hooks, sandblasted saxophones, and an increasingly blurry line between the live and programmed. In between an already-busy 2012, the Syndeysiders have been assembling an all-new audiovisual live setup that's free of computers and full of live loops from a six-piece band and is sounding pretty damn good. 

Catch Canyons at the Northcote Social Club on Thursday May 31.