Candied Bakery are bringing next-level doughnuts to the table

Candied Bakery have been baking their way to the top of our minds lately and it’s all thanks to their impressive doughnuts, best described as Australian sweets with an American Twist and a dash of Europe. 

Previously a barber shop, the store has been completely transformed into a bakery both sharing similar purposes in ways of being both a space where beauty is created.
Candied Bakery offers a range of sweet and savoury treats, but they're a step up from your average bakery, with menu items ranging from peaches and cream crumble flavoured soft serve to apple pie shakes - if you can dream it they probably already do it. 
Their speciality is lavish doughnuts with the creative flavours that are upping the ante on the current doughnut craze. Candied Bakery can hook you up with the likes of pork bun, matcha white choc, and fairy bread flavoured doughnuts. It's the stuff Homer Simpson's fantasies are made of. 

Find Candied Bakery at 81a Hudsons Road, Spotswood.