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Butch Returns To Revolver

After a series of serious-business nights of partying in 2011, Summer Series is back for another round, and with no stranger to shenanigans at Revolver in tow, Butch. 

The much-respected experimental house and techno artist spent his early days as a graffiti artist before breaking both of his arms in an attempt to paint a train and decided to make his way into the music industry instead. Never been one to stick with the mainstream, his work has always had a distinctive and unique feel to it – as founder of Bouq Records, a remixer whose talents have been recruited by everyone from Hot Chip and Carl Cox, as well as his own production credentials, which include last year's stellar effort Eyes Wide Open. Not to mention the last time he was down at Revolver – good times. 

Butch is back, and you can catch him at Revolver on Sunday February 12.