2016 has been the year of the American-inspired meal. As the undeniably delicious craze swept across our city, it’s only natural that burger-lovers from all over Melbourne began their search for the best of the best. The hunt was on for baked daily bread rolls, fresh patties and all of the tasty toppings to match. Little did they know, all it would take to complete their quest was a quick trip to the north. Situated on Sydney Road in Campbellfield, Burgies is fast becoming recognised as the home of the best burger in Melbourne – but that’s not all.

Let me begin by introducing you to The Lava. The heart of the most popular burger on the menu is it’s 130g cheese lava patty – a piece of fresh beef that will put all alternatives to shame. On top you’ll find melted aged tasty cheese, egg, baby cos lettuce, caramelised onion and homemade mild-peri sauce. All the way from Greece, the lava cheese is an obvious game-changer for an incredibly flavoursome creation.
Other beef burger options include The O.G, The Biggie (It’s Got The Lot) and the Flaming Burgie, all served on one of four bread roll choices or in a wrap. If it’s chicken you’re after then you can’t possibly go wrong with the Herb Crusted Chicken Burgie or the Tropical Cajun Chicken Burgie. The Kefta Burgie, served with a traditional humus sauce, brings a little bit of home cooking to the food truck table, whereas the Truffle Angus Burgie is all about the gourmet side of life. Last but certainly not least on the list is the Veggie Burger, proving that Burgies really do have a burger for everyone.
Adding to the already mouth-watering menu is Burgies’ selection of sides. Between the Waffle Cheese Fries from the US, served with house made three-cheese sauce, the BBQ Chicken Ribs and the A-Grade Hot Chips, choosing only one may turn to be difficult. However, with the option to add fresh chilli salsa, avocado or jalapenos to your Waffle Cheese Fries, it’s no surprise that they are the sides’ frontrunner. With six sauce options ranging from Lemon Herb Mayo to Alfredo, you’ll never encounter a more delicious dipping experience.
Now, it’s not a true burger experience without a thick shake in hand and Burgies do not disappoint. Options include Strawberry Cheesecake, Crème Brulee, Raffaello, Mama’s Panna Cotta, Caramel Biscotti, Fresh Lemon Crunch, Bubble Gum and flawless favourite, Ferrero Rocher. Imported from Italy, the taste of the delightful drink is as authentic as could be. Rich and refined, a gelato thick shake is the perfect addition to your already unprecedented meal.
Just over a year and a half into their existence, there is no doubt that bringing the burger game to the north has paid off for Burgies. Reinventing what it means to be a roadside food truck, the conveniently placed, fairly priced restaurant offers eaters the choice of driving through or sitting in their indoor dining room. Filled with only upcycled pieces of furniture, the small yet spacious area allows customers to take a seat in one of their restored red booths. To top it all off, a built-in playground and a selection of kid’s meals form the ultimate family-friendly affair. With the addition of Gelaties and Dr. Donuts on the Campbellfield site set for October 13, everything really is better at Burgies.
Words by Phoebe Robertson

Burgies is located at 3/1488 Sydney Rd, Campbellfield.