Brewers Feast is filled to the brim with good times

Brewers Feast is one of Melbourne’s premier festivals of everything craft beer, food and live music. We chatted to co-founder Tyson McGeoch about what’s in store.

Beat: Brewers Feast is a fantastic event on the calendar for music, wine and music lovers alike. What makes Brewers Feast a particularly unique event?

Tyson McGeoch: Brewers Feast is unlike other festivals, it’s set amongst some of the most scenic gardens in Melbourne with the amazing Abbotsford Convent building as the backdrop. The gardens create a vibe that is chilled and relaxed, the perfect way to enjoy some wine or beer with friends.

Brewers Feast is also unique with the Bintani festival beers, a special collaboration with the ingredient suppliers – Bintani – and the brewers. These beers are exclusive to the festival or first released at the festival, making you the first to try them. 


Beat: You have at least 18 exclusive Brewers Feast beers on offer. What brands and types of beer should festivalgoers be expecting?

McGeoch: Almost every brewery attending is creating a festival beer, ensuring there are plenty of choices. Expect a wide range of styles – there are Australian pale ales, IPAs, Saisons, sour beers, wheat ales, amber ales, pilsners, barrel-aged beers and more.

Some of the highlights include The Grand Ridge IPA brewed using Equinox and Simcoe hops with a big orange hit. This beer is a celebration of the founder Eric ‘Ekka’ Walters and celebrates 30 years of Grand Ridge beers. 


Beat: Starward Whisky will be on hand to serve up some of their finest concoctions for the crowd. What special cocktails will be on offer?  

McGeoch: There are three cocktails that stand out for us, each is based around fine Starward Whisky. The Orchard Spritz, a combination of twofold whisky mixed with fresh mint and sparkling apple, is a delightful combination of flavours. The Nova and Tonic is the Starward take on tonic – a refreshing drink of Nova whisky, Fever Free tonic and grapefruit. Finally, there’s the Solera Spritz, the perfect cocktail for an afternoon in the gardens.


Beat: Tell us more about the masterclasses going down. What will festivalgoers be able to learn on the day? 

McGeoch: We know not everyone is into beer so have added some classes around cocktail making, wine and cider to make sure everyone can learn something. The highlights for us are the Starward cocktail master classes, 30 years of craft beer with Grand Ridge, know your cider with Harcourt Cider and wine tasting with Red Hill Estate. If you’re looking for beer-focused classes then the 30 years of craft beer with Grand Ridge is sure to be an adventure. 


Beat: What food will be on offer on the day?

McGeoch: Expect a great range of food to pair with your beer, wine or whisky. We love the idea of people selecting a dish or beer to match, it makes both taste so much better. There are much-loved favourites such as burgers (St Kilda Burger Bar), smoked meats (Bigger than Texas), calamari (Chef Calamari), Mexican (Dos Diablos) and pizza (Pizza de Wheels). There are also plenty of other options to keep you going with falafels (Dana’s Falafel) and BBQ (Copa Grill) and plenty of sweets as well. There is food for everyone, including options for vegetarians and vegans. 


Beat: What about the live music stage? Who will be playing and what can we expect? 

McGeoch: The Grand Ridge main stage features live music all festival with a lineup of local acts – with a lineup that is heavily influenced with indie and folk styles. There will be performances from Neighbourhood Youth, T.K. Reeve, Chester Brix, Feelds, Longboys, Maverick, Nat Vazer and more. We also suggest music and beer pairing, for each artist there is a suggested beer or drink to enjoy with the music. Each is paired with the artist style, favourite beer or music style – a way to enjoy your beer and music even more.

Brewers Feast goes down from Saturday February 23 to Sunday February 24. Grab your tickets via the festival website.