The Boy Who Cried Wolf is Cremorne's hidden cafe gem

The Boy Who Cried Wolf is a carpark-cafe, tucked snugly down Cremorne’s tiny Newton Street. 

It’s where dozens of the suburbs working folk reside five days a week, in the offices that surround the space. Most mornings, you’ll find the carpark filled with The Boy Who Cried Wolf’s patrons; some lining up for coffee, some eagerly waiting for their meals, and the rest just relaxing on the outdoor tables. Owned by Alan Ng from Hong Kong and Eugene Ye from China, the eatery has unintentionally brought quite a collective to the carpark. The menu is littered with Asian flavours inspired by the owners’ upbringings – think Thai green curry with sweet potato, broccoli, chicken and jasmine rice. Although, seamlessly offered throughout, are those staple breakfast favourites we can’t deny; like toasted sandwiches and simple eggs on toast. With a cabinet full of pastries, quiches and treats, what to select can at times be overwhelming. Here is what I’ve enjoyed most. 
Start first with their filtered coffee, which is uncharacteristically calm for a caffeinated beverage. With floral notes, it’s pleasant on the stomach, particularly first thing in the morning. For breakfast, I’d opt for the pink porridge that’s come in fresh on the menu for winter. It’s naturally sweetened by the fruit it contains, aesthetically adorable, and the kindest, lightest porridge I’ve had.
For lunch, my go-to order is their veggie noodle soup with vermicelli noodles, mushroom, bok choy, tomato, broccoli and brown onion. Each bowl aids any worries or flu that may be brewing. I find it flavourful, yet not overpowering, and hits that perfect point of spice, which can be difficult to obtain with soup. If you’re feeling like some protein, you can add chicken too. 
Another dish worth trying is their beef stew, with onion, tomato, rocket and parmesan on toast. Some would say it’s almost like ragu, working perfectly with those signature Italian ingredients mentioned above – parmesan and rocket. A great option if you’re searching for something hearty and rich.
A cafe home to many, returning each day feels second nature. A home where your coffee is made before you’ve even thought to order it, and where the friendly staff will service any need. There’s been plenty of occasions when I’ve simply felt like melted cheese on toast, and although not on the menu, Eugene would make it happen without any hesitation.