Boris Brejcha

Living in Frankenthal near Frankfurt for the last 15 years, Boris Brejcha is a product of the global phenomenon in electronic music. Musically, Boris came from an instrumental base playing drums and keyboard as a youngster. “For me, it was important to have an instrumental base,” he chimes. And years on, he is a producer, DJ and bona-fide all ‘round upbeat guy.

“I think the drums and keyboard are two of the most important tools for producing electronic music nowadays,” he says. “The focus on a cool and groovy beat and nice melody - it has helped me tremendously. If I have an idea in mind, I can arrange, mix and master a song in a day. Then it is completely finished and in the box. I have to say, it is not a must, but I would recommend new artists learn an instrument for this reason – it helps!”


And that momentum from childhood has of course transferred into the studio in adulthood. Now having produced prolifically over the years, he remains committed to the cause and enjoys delivering new output, especially when it bends the rules. “I have been involved with Autist and Harthouse Records from the start,” he explains. “It was in the beginning that Autist liked my music when I got into the business. Six months later, I went to Harthouse, mainly because of my love of vinyl, where Autist Records only published digitally.” From there, he created a second project titled ANNA and published a number of singles and remixes until 2008 however wrapped the project up to focus more closely on material published in his own name.


In 2013, the lad is also planning on creating his own label, but suggests that before that, he has a few plans with the Harthouse imprint. “We will release another EP in the next two to three weeks; and towards the end of the year I will publish my next and fourth studio album.” No less, hoping to make it particularly special, the album will be released as a double CD compilation, with the first mix comprising dance floor oriented material, with the second being calmer, more experimental. “This idea came up because of my very successful DJ mix, which I published at the end of 2012 on Soundcloud,” he says. “Some of the songs from this mix will be on the second part of the album. The name of the album is also already decided too – it will be called Feuerfalter. For it, we will prepare a number of exclusive packages and they will come with a lot of extras.”


With its release, he continues down the path of being a DJ who is intent on playing a lot of his own material. “I have always played my own tracks,” he adds. “The nice thing about my music is that I do not just produce in one line. I produce out of feeling – and accordingly, my DJ sets explore many different genres. But in terms of the style and the sound, everything revolves around my own personal style.” For this reason – and regardless of genre - he is a positive purveyor for the electronic music scene generally. “It is constantly good over here,” he chimes. “In fact both in Germany as well as worldwide. The genre of house and deep house is currently the most popular - but there are also all of the other genres of electronic music that are being well represented. There will always be one genre more popular than another. For me anyway, the scene is going very well in the techno area - especially in countries like Holland, Denmark, France, Brazil and Russia, but it is very well represented around the world.


Finally, we talk briefly about the evolution of his music over the years – initially from minimal to techno more recently – and he claims his direction moves with the times. “Techno has always been a big part of my music; even though I didn’t specifically assign myself to a genre, I decided to create my own, calling it high-tech minimal. I think it was mainly because I have never wanted to be stuck within the one genre; I really like to mix things up without any limitations.”


Outside of music, the man doesn’t mind a little football, table tennis and swimming - even a bit of computer design work. Admitting that he enjoys a well-rounded life outside of music, he claims external pursuits are incredibly important and creatively stimulating. “Working not-too-hard keeps your focus fresh,” he says. Which is probably why he is chuffed about being invited to play at the forthcoming Earthcore festival. “It is my first time and I’m pretty excited. I always say that if you go to a performance of Boris Brejcha it is always good fun because I play always a good mix of released and unreleased tracks.”


And you can’t ask for much more than that?



Boris Brejcha plays at the Earthcore 20th Anniversary alongside Ace Ventura, Perfect Stranger and more, which takes place from Friday November 29 - Sunday December 1 at a yet to be disclosed location in country Victoria.