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Brad Cameron has always been obsessed with music. As far back as the young gun can remember, his earliest memory of being blown away by music was getting Thriller by Michael Jackson for Christmas - and then taping Original Sin by INXS from the radio when he was about 7 or 8 years old. “Once I discovered hip hop a couple of years later, it was all over,” he chimes. “So I went out and got a part time job when I was twelve so I could buy records!”

Not an unusual story for DJs in the music business – what all of that means though, is that Boogs doesn’t push a particular genre of music. He admits that while there are definitely no rules to what he plays or listens to, it will make it into his box if it sounds good. “Basically, if it sounds good to me, I’m into it,” he says.


And years and years on, he is a Melbourne favorite holding his own, week in week out, with his loyal crew of fans at Revolver upstairs. “I was playing at Revolver every Tuesday night and rotating on Friday and Saturdays between the bands in the front room for the first couple of years Revolver was open. Then one Sunday morning I ended up there after I finished work at The Lounge and had a bit of fun so I asked if I could get a shift doing a Sunday morning set. They rang me that week and booked it in and it just took off from there. Ten years on, and yeah, I’m definitely still loving it; sometimes it’s hard to feel motivated when I’m on my way there at the break of dawn in a taxi, but as soon as I walk in, I’m inspired every time!”


But Revolver is not his only haunt. The lad is also playing at Tramp on Fridays, TFU on Saturdays and he also plays at Revolver on Sunday nights as well as the mornings – as well as a bunch of guest spots at places around town. He is also starting a record label called Thick as Thieves with Mike Toner who currently runs a touring company of the same name. “We will be launching it officially in the near future with some releases by local and international talent,” he says.


Yet despite all of this, it’s likely that his long career at Revolver will go down as his lovechild when one day, he inevitably hangs up his boots. “Man, I’ve seen my fair share of craziness over the years - I could probably write a book about it! One thing that was a high and low in itself would have to be when a pudgy guy in his 30's got totally naked on the dance floor and poured beer all over himself! But the other exciting this for me is getting the Thick as Thieves Records label into motion. That’s a big motivation for me because getting to work with music in a different capacity is really refreshing. I get inspired by everything, music, friends, strangers, food, TV sleep! But everything leads back to music for me, my friendships and influences and so on. I can't imagine not being into music.”


Indeed, I’m sure much of Melbourne can’t imagine a world without the affable Boogs. As versatile as he is gifted, he admits he probably isn’t playing as many different styles as he used to, although he is playing more club oriented stuff that is influenced by different styles. “It’s mainly because of the types of gigs I do these days,” he claims. “In saying that, some of the stuff I play, I don't know how to define, so I’m not sure what genre it falls under. Production wise too, I don’t spent enough time in the studio when I think about it; I spend way too much time on the computer looking for music when I already have an overload of good tracks I haven’t even sorted through properly! At the same time listening to music is my main release, so it all balances out. I think? Maybe I need another hobby?”


Finally, the great man is pumped for the upcoming ten-year anniversary gig at Revolver. “It’s going to be Spacey Space, T-Rek, Radiator, myself and a few other guests that have been a part of Sundays going back to back for most of the day just taking it as it comes.” So if you haven’t done a Revolver jaunt in a while, get your dancing shoes on early, because you won’t be the only one thinking along these lines.


Oh and his final message for the children: “drop out of school, make good music and send it to me so I can release it on Thick as Thieves Records.” For real.



Boogs [AUS] plays his 10 Year Revolver Sunday Mornings Anniversary set on Sunday September 25 at Revolver Upstairs, starting bright and early at 6:30am.