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Boogie Down With Boogs!

There can be no doubt - Boogs is one of Melbourne’s favorite sons. He is to the scene in this city what Cameron Ling is to the GFC. He has been around for many years and seen it all before – and most importantly – possesses an impeccable taste in music. Back in the say things really kicked off for a young Boogs when he met Voiteck Anderson who introduced him to the underground sounds of techno. A few club nights and other things later, he is still around spreading his message.
Indeed, one wonders how he does the double take at Revolver both in the morning and later the same evening - kind of a bizarre déjà-vu. His tireless approach to music and his body’s ability to function (read pushing the limits of exhaustion) has impressed me many a time. Above all else, he is a unique talent and a gentleman. And we have a bit of a chat to him about recent happenings – and his forthcoming gig at Brown Alley for The Black Market Halloween party on Sunday October 31.
Firstly Boogs, tell us about how you got into music and why?
I started to get into music when I was about six years old, taping INXS songs off the radio! Then I got a part-time job after school to buy hip hop records when was 12 years old. I guess it hasn't stop escalating from there - I've never been able to get enough!
You’re a bit of a Melbourne institution – how does that make you feel? Is it humbling?
I don't really look at it like that, I'm just really happy to be able to be making a living off playing music for the moment; the fact that people enjoy what I do is always beautiful to hear!
And what about your musical direction?
My musical direction is probably one of the hardest things for me to put into words; I've always felt Robot Soul describes it best to me.
In 2010, what are some of your inspirations and influences? What motivates you?
The constant influx of new and different music is always inspiring, also I’m lucky to be surrounded by talented people like Spacey Space, T-Rek and Nick Coleman which is extremely motivating.
What are you up to at the moment – still kickin’ it at Revolver and Poison Apple or am I a bit behind the 8-ball?
Yeah I'm still at Revolver Sunday morning and Sunday nights. It’s coming up to 10th birthday for Sunday mornings early next year. I’m not at Poison Apple anymore - I'm now at TFU on Saturday nights.
Tell us what’s been happening in the studio? Any cool mixes, EPs, albums or remixes coming up?
I’m always doing re-edits here and there for my sets. Hopefully I’ll have some originals finished in the near future, but I need to work on my time management because procrastination and perfectionism seem to slow things down - who would have guessed it!
It seems fewer and fewer artists want to be genre compartmentalized. You’ve always been a multi genre type DJ – what was the reason for that?
To me music has too many labels, I just want to play what I think is good music.
Boogs [AUS] plays the Black Market Halloween party at Brown Alley on Sunday October 31