The best spots to barbecue

When a cold night calls for a hearty feed, look no further than these barbecue spots.

Vegetarians look away, this week we’re talking barbecue meats. Cold nights call for scrumptious food – something spicy and hearty that will warm your insides and punch your taste buds into a state of well-fed contentment. Here’s where to head when you’re feeling like a full barbecue feed. 

Le Bon Ton – situated down the historically industrial streets of Collingwood – sits near the top of my Favourite Melbourne Venues list. The never-empty pub ticks every single box for a fantastic time but it’s their late night relaxed vibe that most flock here for. And of course their incredible meats. You can float on in at any odd hour – three, four, even five AM – and indulge in cocktails and power-food aplenty.

My order always tends to follow the same path. Southern-style buttermilk-soaked chicken tenders with cracked white gravy, or a pit-smoked brisket sandwich with dill pickles, cheddar cheese, onions and BBQ sauce. For sides, I’ll never turn away mac and cheese, and at Le Bon Ton, the dish works with three cheeses: American, Swiss and Cheddar. The tangy coleslaw is a refreshing side-order, and the potato salad is also worth trying. Yes, this all sounds incredible, but the truth is I’m only just touching the sides of what’s on offer. Le Bon Ton have plenty of menus depending on the time and manner you dine, all inspired by multiple regions of the American South, and each is as delectably delicious as the last. Oh, and their espresso martini with Whiskey should be your go-to cocktail order.

The Que Club is the newest kid on the block, and also the topic of many conversations. The venues stands tall as the first Australian barbecue superstore, where the answer to any barbecue-related query you may have is sure to be a resounding “We’ve got it”. Not only is the venue a restaurant that serves delicious meats and treats, but they’re also a butcher, a supply store – yes you can buy an actual barbecue here to start smokin’ for yourself –  a bar, and even a cooking school. Located right in the heart of Fitzroy North, The Que Club is our new local barbecue headquarters. When talking food on offer, their menu hosts the usual suspects –  brisket croquettes, brisket samosas, pork with slaw, and salt and vinegar chicken to name a few – with sides to pair such as slaw and pickles, potato tots and Texas beans. The team are known for starting their days with creative flair, offering dishes of the day and other dreamy meat creations. Recent specials have included lamb cutlets rubbed with tree bark, beef cheeks with parsnip, and homemade beef sausages. So, welcome to the block The Que Club – we very much appreciate what you’ve brought to the area.