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Ben Browning Branches Out

Cut Copy bassist Ben Browning's much-anticipated solo debut Lover Motion has been a long time coming, but we're glad it's finally landed.

Having cut his teeth and more than proved his talent as part of one of Melbourne's most successful dance music outfits, Browning's first expedition into solo territory is equally as dazzling and delightful as his previous work with Cut Copy. Released on the group's label Cutters Records, we reckon there's no doubt that Lover Motion will be tearing up a rocking dancefloor near you in the coming weeks. In case you’re not convinced yet, the chance to catch Browning showing off his new jams with a full live band over the Easter weekend, in the company of a number of his Cutters brethren, including Geoffrey O’Conner, Cut Copy DJs, Knightlife, and more.

Catch him at the Toff on Sunday April 8.