Beer can roulette is actually a thing, here's where to play it

The least-practical, most brilliant invention I've ever seen. 

Moo Brew has created something special with this one. A beer can roulette vending machine. 
"One of my mates, his father got sick of all his mates coming round and stealing his beer; so he converted an old Coca Cola vending machine into a custom built one and charged them $2 for a beer and took the revenues to fill it up again. I thought it was genius, and ever since then have wanted one full of Moo," said Head Brewer Dave Macgill. 
"We have six core beer styles, so thought we’d invent the vending machine that encouraged you to try a different one each time. Basically, you pull the handle and the machine decides which one you get." 

The Garden State Hotel from up until October 21.