Beat's guide to Melbourne’s best veggie burgers

Meatless and fabulous. 

Vegans and vegetarians have it pretty easy in Melbourne these days, with options on just about every menu you encounter. Even Hungry Jacks have jumped on board the meat-free train with their recent addition of a vegan burger to the otherwise carnivorous menu. But why settle for fast food when you have the world of veggie burgers at your fingertips? Here are some of the top picks in our fine city to satisfy your burger cravings.

The Merri Clan

For those chasing a vegan substitute for the likes of McDonalds and KFC, look no further than The Merri Clan. They’ve got a faux Big Mac, a southern fried “chicken” burger complete with vegan bacon and some purely vegetable-based options for those who aren’t a fan of mock meats. The pick of the crop is The Merri Clan’s Korean fried “chicken” burger, stacked with faux chicken, slaw, kimchi, peanuts, sweet chilli mayo and sticky red sauce on a charcoal bun. If gluten isn’t your friend, you can opt for Korean fried tofu instead.

Find The Merri Clan at 15 Gilbert Road, Preston.

The B.East

If you're looking for a side of live music while you chow down, The B.East is the place for you. Every Monday, they mix things up with a special menu for vegans to get their comfort food fix. You can find veggie-fied versions of classics like the filet-o-fish or just a good old hamburger. If you can’t make it along on a Monday, the regular menu has you covered too. Be sure to try the Shroomin Capote, oozing with hickory smoked king mushrooms, BBQ sauce and fried kale slaw.

Find The B.East at 80 Lygon Street, Brunswick East.

Sister of Soul

Burgers may not scream “healthy”, but when they’re full of veggies there isn’t that much to feel guilty about. Sister of Soul are the masters of nutritious food that still tastes naughty. They’ve got two burgers on the menu and it’s hard to pick a favourite. The Jack Black burger is a meat-free pulled pork burger, consisting of jackfruit, Asian slaw, pickled gherkins and BBQ sauce while the smoked tofu burger sees panko-crumbed smoked tofu, kimchi, vegan cheese, grilled pumpkin, fresh greens and sriracha mayo on a brioche bun.

Find Sister of Soul at 73 Acland Street, St. Kilda

The Cornish Arms

The Cornish Arms is the place to go if you’re hungover or just prepared to binge with no regrets. Their menu disproves the “vegans only eat salad” mind frame through offerings like vegan fried mac n cheese bites, but their burgers are the ultimate way to treat your tastebuds. Don’t wear tight fitting clothes when you grab yourself a southern fried popcorn chicken fillet with faux bacon, cheese, tomato, vegan mayo and BBQ sauce.

Find Cornish Arms at 163A Sydney Road.

Green Burger

Dedicated to crafting fresh, housemade veggie patties daily, Green Burger is a step above your average slapped-together burger. You won’t find any sad, limp lettuce or chalky tomato slices here, rather fresh ingredients full of flavour. There are no wrong choices when it comes to the menu but The Departed is definitely a gamechanger: a smokehouse patty, buffalo fried “chicken” tenders, faux bacon, sour sauce, dill pickle and cheese sauce.

Find Green Burger at 240 Smith Street, Collingwood

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