Beat's Guide To Fried Chicken & Doughnuts

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Pictured: Small Fry

Wings Of Glory: 
There are plenty of food trends going around, freak shakes, avacado, avacado, avacado. Yet fried chicken is one I shall never curse. Plus, Melbourne’s fried chicken scene is just as prominent as it is fun and lively – as opposed to howling down a bucket of wings on the couch every Friday night. Wings of Glory comes first to mind, gracing our South Melbourne end of town. They specialise in American-style Chicken Buffalo Wings, while also paying homage to their Australian roots throughout their flavour notes.  The wings are boneless (aka easy to consume), sourced locally, and you can be assured that these finger-licking chicken wings are made on site each morning. Even the potatoes grown here on Australian soil are freshly cut as soon as the chefs turn on the kitchen lights. Chicken aside, I've recently been introduced to their Vegan Wings made from seitan – a type of wheat meat which has truly converted my expectations. The vegan wings have done exceptionally well for a predominately buffalo wing joint. And want to know a secret? Wings of Glory are now spreading those wings all the way down to the CBD, so stay tuned.
350 Bay Street, Port Melbourne. 
Why did the chicken cross Lygon Street? To get some of the tastiest chicken in the city, that's why. Terrible jokes aside, the latest team to take over the Curtin's kitchen are the masterful hands behind Sonny's Fried Chicken and Burgers – delivering the Southern fried soul food of your wildest, most deep fried dreams right here in Melbourne.
They're doing things right by plating it all up hot and crispy – the two pillars of any great fried chook. Whether you're down for white meat or dark, they've got you covered with hearty servings of juicy breast meat or some down and dirty drum 'n' thigh. And as they old saying goes: sharing is caring, so why not order the whole damn bird and split it with a mates. In saying that, if you want to knock back the whole thing – you're not getting any judgement from the Beat office. You wouldn't believe the amount of deadlines that have involved eating an entire chicken to make it to the finish line. We're 100 percent behind that whole chook life.
Of course, what is fried chicken without a solid selection of sides? Sonny's are delivering the goods in spades, with the likes of loaded fries – featuring both a vegan and carnivorous option with cheese sauce, gravy and crispy bacon – alongside smooth potatoes, super creamy mac 'n' cheese, corn on the cob, smoky baked beans and deep fried pickles crumbed in a buttermilk ranch sauce. Rest assured, this is chicken worth crossing the road for time and time again.
29 Lygon St, Carlton. 
Now to Melbourne’s doughnut scene where we are starting to hear  ‘lukumandes’ a lot more frequently, being Greek style sweets of fried dough balls covered in honey and cinnamon topped with nuts and chocolate. The two cousins behind St.Gerry’s were first on the scene after taking a trip to the island of Kefalonia in Greece. During the local feasts and celebrations of the patron saint of the island, Saint Gerasimos, they discovered the delights of the island’s incredible food. Inspired to share something this delicious with their hometown of Melbourne, the boys have been creating late into the night ever since to deliver us their one-of-a-kind, creative and oh-so-delicious desserts. The cousins have been roaming their food carts to markets, shopping centres, street festivals public events and surprise pop-up locations since day one yet recently share that the Greek delights have become so popular they've had no choice but to open a staple food store to open within the week.
18 Eaton Mall, Oakleigh.
Candied Bakery have baking their way to the top of our minds lately and it’s all thanks to their impressive doughnuts, best described as Australian sweets with an American Twist and a dash of Europe. Previously a barber shop, the shop has been completely transformed into a bakery both sharing similar purposes in ways of being both a space where beauty is created. The master minds behind the bakery Toula Ploumidis and Orlando Artavilla create plenty of baked goods from fruit buns to croissants, cookies and more, yet their doughnut game is something else. Vanilla custard doughnuts, vanilla slice doughnuts and fairy bread doughnuts are just few of what to expect down at Candied in which I hope you get to very soon.  They also serve Proud Mary Coffee, which is always delightful.
81a Hudsons Road, Spotswood.
Small Fry:
While we know you will be exploring the art scene in Hobart this Dark Mofo, make sure to also check out their thriving food scene, and in particular, Small Fry’s doughnuts which have gathered much hype. Of course the cafe serve incredible breakfast and lunch, but their true honour are their baking goods. Of late they have whipped up Chai Pear Granola doughnuts, Pumpkin Pie doughnuts and simple pleasures too like apple salted doughnuts. Their open kitchen is casual yet refined creating a relaxed atmosphere where the barrier between staff and clientele is well broken down into a friendly and welcoming abode. Please do head down to Small Fry’s to satisfy your sweet tooth and let time slow down.
3/129 Bathurst St, Hobart. 3/129 Bathurst St, Hobart.