Beat's guide to the best long-lunching in Melbourne

Keep that long-weekend feeling alive with these Beat Eats tips.

Now that you’re glowing and rested after the long weekend — and even if you’re not, after too much indulging — let’s stay on that luxurious trip for just a minute, shall we? 

By this, I mean continuing to take a step back from the fast-paced life, and introducing some long, luscious lunches to our agendas. You deserve it - more than you realise.

Here are my top long-lunching spots in Melbourne. Somewhere to watch the sunset, to eat a spectacular meal, and to just talk about life.

Builders Arms Hotel

A leader in the pub scene and local to many, Builders Arms Hotel is a fine spot to set up camp any day of the week. My hot tip is to start with a skin contact wine – or bottle depending on time – and a bowl of fries, before moving onto the spinach and burnt butter tortellini. Or, if it’s Monday (AKA steak night), order the 250g Meatsmith porterhouse with fries and salad.

It’s important to remember that there’s two sections in the venue; The Public Bar (classic pub vibe) and Ricky & Pinky (Hong Kong-style Chinese food). They’re completely different but equal parts incredible in their own rights.

Napier Quarter

Moving closer inwards, and situated on possibly the sweetest corner of Fitzroy – wrapping the corner of Napier and Kerr Streets – lives Napier Quarter. Melbourne’s sleekest espresso bar serves the finest food and wine, with not a sound but the birds chirping as your company. Lately, this special spot has been my most cherished place to unwind.

I’d suggest starting with an espresso and biscotti, before moving onto a chilled red and buffalo mozzarella with tomatoes, basil and olive oil. The clam spaghetti is perfect as a main, and a bombolino to finish is lovely.

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