Beat Eats: Food celebrations you didn't know existed

2017 has been an interesting year in the food world. 

Take deep-fried tequila, sushi pizzas or that chicken nugget festival for example. It’s all a bit silly I know, although there’s one thing that I’ve been seeing more of this year more enjoyable than ridiculous for a change. I’m talking about those national celebration days. Here’s what’s happening this November I’d say is worth celebrating.

The time has come for our nation to celebrate veganism and I for one, although not vegan, really appreciate the creativity and effort that goes into each meal they master. Although the day technically was last week (1st November), the celebration continues this Sunday and I’m told to expect more than just tofu and salad. The Vegan Cook Off  (just a small $20 to enter), shows Matcha Mylkbar (St Kilda’s vegan cafe) and Handsome Her (Brunswick’s vegan restaurant) battling in a quest to create the ultimate vegan canapés, welcome you as the judge. It’s all a bit of fun and at the same time, educational which is my favourite way to enjoy life. Head down to the Flemington racecourse and critique the masters.

Guess what! It’s also World Pomegranate Month, because I’m certain those sweet pulps need a little more attention than they currently receive. The particularly tarty fruit originally from the Middle East in turn, is seen mostly in Middle Eastern cuisine. So for the occasion, I’m going to share my top Middle Eastern Restaurant, Teta Mona. The restaurant, down Brunswick East way, offers honest and jazzed-up Lebanese food that’s affordable and really quite fun. Their meals are served in wooden bowls, each dish vastly differing from the next. Bring along a pairing beverage of your choice, although I would recommend a Rose’ which works well with an array of tastes and flavours.

Not only is November World Vegan Month, and World Pomegranate Month, but, it is also –  this is getting ridiculous –  World Peanut lovers Month! November is wild hey? Now the are plenty of ways to enjoy peanuts as you know, but the first thing that comes to my mind personally is a dish from Little Thai Princess down Glen Iris way. Soft Shell Crab with Papaya Salad is the dish, which perfectly marries a spicy papaya salad with peanut, shrimp, cherry tomato and snake beans, then serves it with a tremendously luscious soft shell crab. Papaya Salad aside, the restaurant boasts high quality flavours and humble traditions which have not gone unnoticed winning countless awards for their unique flavour and service.

Is there such thing as national Prosecco day? If not, there totally should be. Our friends over at Burma Lane are giving away a complimentary bottle of Fallador Prosecco to anyone born in Novemeber when they dine throughout the month. Just register online and you'll be good to go. Burma Lane is currently celebrating their fourth birthday, capped off with a fresh new fitout that's opened up the kitchen and dining area -- adding a touch of extra brightness to space. Their fourth birthday will be celebrated in fine form on November 15, with a sprawling feast showcasing the best of Burma Lane and what they've got to offer. Don't miss out.