Beat Eats

I usually ramble on about all things food, but a sweet moment on the weekend– while I watched my cocktail shake before my eyes – had me thinking, ‘What about Melbourne drinks?’ I mean we do have the best bars in the world (don’t even try to fight me on this) and I’m yet to touch on even one. So spritz your colognes, charge your phones, and let’s head out for a drink.
On Saturday October 21, white spirits take over Federation Square for a day with their very own festival, The Gin and Vodka Festival put on by Eventceps and La Dolce Italia. Guests are welcomed to sip their way through an afternoon of indulging, socialising and learning all there is to know about these two tasty spirits. They’ll be loads of delicious food trucks like Just Like Nonna, Senor BBQ Truck, La Revolucion Latin Street Food, Dipd – Gourmet Mini Donuts, Boss Burgers and Shakes and that’s just a handful. Chuck it in your calendars.
Just a few days later and the square offers a completely different vibe, a seven course beer and pizza degustation, on a Monday too. Tell me a day you feel more like this combo and I’ll label you a liar. Melbourne’s most celebrated chefs will be in attendance, including winner of the world’s best pizza and owner of 400 Gradi, Johnny Di Francesco and The Bella Ciao band have flown all the way from Italy for the occasion. Let’s show them some love. 
Lastly, I’d like to give a huge shout out to Starward Whisky, my new obsession when enjoying a glass and in my opinion one of Melbourne’s best spirits. The whisky is made with Australian barley and matured Australian apera barrels for years to achieve its compelling taste. It’s just as smooth as it is punchy. I enjoy the drink dry, perhaps with ice and sometimes with a splash of soda. Although, Beat held a party at their distillery just two weekends ago (for those who came, thank you) which opened my eyes to endless combinations I’m looking forward to re-creating.