Beat Eats

You’re not dreaming – I felt it too.  A certain warmth called the sun coming out for just a minute last weekend, and as Melbourne starts to shed its collective winter coat, we’re starting to consider the outdoors again. Particularly Melbourne’s wondrous parklands, known all around the globe for their chill, social nature. I thought I’d share some great food to accompany the rugged-up picnics you’re set to embark on.

Mr Miyagi, the South’s funky and always fun modern Japanese eatery, has just opened their takeaway store in Windsor. It’s the perfect complement to an afternoon on the grass. The restaurant stays true to their existing dishes, yet add some new surprises suitable for food on the go. Dishes including sushi fries with spicy mayo are welcomed to the menu as well as duck spring rolls and pork mince noodles. Don’t worry, the Wagyu Bolognese bowl (which is, in my opinion, their star dish) is now just a phone call away. Mr Miyagi Takeaway is located at 99 Chapel Street, Windsor.
Need something a little heavier than Japanese, but with the same health benefits and lightness? I know exactly what you’re tummy is thinking and a mushroom burger from The Little Mushroom Co. is exactly that. The truck floats around Melbourne like an angel, and when you catch it, you’re blessed with their crumbed mushroom heaven which is almost medicinal in nature. The truck has dedicated years to mushroom burgers entirely, crafted so carefully even the most ruthless eater hesitates at first bite to dismantle. They’ll never give away their secrets, but I promise from the bottom of my food-loving heart, they are ridiculous. Head to The Little Mushroom Co. Facebook page to follow the truck.
Want a drink to complement your meal while you lay on the grass chatting life? Tea is perfect for the scene. Any only TE’ will do. Their infusions, blended by the loving hands of a family business, are set to infuse your afternoon with the bliss it truly deserves. Qualified herbalist, Daniela Demarchi takes her Italian family traditions to the world of tisanes rich in all the right ways. Try their Fiori (meaning flower in Italian) of petal and sweet lemon balm, or their Te’ Verde of fragrant petals and green tea. That’s just a couple of their offerings. Head to www.tetea.com.au to explore some more.