Beat Eats

The Prince of Wales hotel, that wraps the corners of Fitzroy and Acland Street, has been an iconic Melbourne venue for years. Their striking Art Deco front and pulsing bandroom (turn to page 15 to check out what’s pulsing this week) always seem to reel us to the bay night after night, weekend after weekend. The dining experience at POW Kitchen has provided just another reason to join the fam. The restaurant by executive chef Daniel Hawkins serves Southern Asian flavours at reasonable prices and pretty cocktails to go with. Rumours are their kung pao chicken is a must, although personally, my heart beats for their crispy fish fillet with pineapple and chilli paired with a pineapple express cocktail of plantation rums, pineapple, passionfruit and blood orange.  So what, I’ve gone a little pineapple crazy? A scene hanging out in this beautiful building, eating sweet fruits and drinks, while the bay breeze runs through your hair, is a scene I will always head down for.
Just a tad further down Hawthorn way and we find Shanklin Cafe – a fun and energetic coffee house and eatery, whose honesty compliments any morning perfectly. Created by two friends and masters of the hospitality industry, the eatery focuses on delivering simple, signature dishes with simple flares – like oat porridge but with black chia and cinnamon, or scrambled eggs but with wilted spinach and mint. I recommend taking your time in this space while catching up with family, friends, or yourself over a big cup of coffee.
Seeing as you’ve gone right around Melbourne in this column, you must, and I mean absolutely must, head down to Richmond as soon as you finish this paragraph to visit Hector’s Deli. Their sandwiches – crafted by Attica and Stokehouse trained masters – go down as the only meals I promise to elicit tears upon completion. The Deli, located in Buckingham Street, Richmond, has not only unfairly raised my expectations of sandwich from this point onward in life, but has also made my mornings a tad more stressful – selling out so fast they’ve seen me rushing around like a crazy woman to experience their rarity. Is it a Wagyu Pastrami sandwich you dream of? A Trout Bagel you rather? Or just a simple cup of coffee to sip on and watch the crowds flood in and out? Whatever you desire, I promise the experience will be a highlight never to be forgotten.