Beat Eats

Grill’d opens Smith St restaurant:

With countless Burger joints popping up throughout our city, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to know which direction to head. However, whether it’s meat you’re after, vegetarian, vegan, low-carb or even low-sugar, Grill’d has firmly held its ground as Australia’s top healthy burger restaurant for over 13 years. Born right here in our leisure food capital – Melbourne, our sweet Hawthorn welcomed Grill’d to the world. Fast forward 13 years and Grill’d boasts over 125 restaurants around Australia, and most excitingly, just opened their doors in the ever lively Smith Street. Their menu is always a few steps ahead, comprising of high quality produce and incredible flavour combinations, all the while remaining healthy and nutritious. Take their shepherd’s delight for instance, with grass-fed lean lamb, Dijon mustard, shaved parmesan, fresh slaw and egg mayo, or their veggie vitality of beetroot, sweet potato, spinach & quinoa veggie pattie with avocado, golden pineapple, carrot and cos lettuce. To stack their credibility even higher, they’ve partnered with three non-profit organisations doing good stuff in Collingwood as part of their ‘loyal matters’ program. Every month Grill’d Collingwood will donate cash to Orange Sky Laundry (orangeskylaundry.com.au), The Social Studio (thesocialstudio.org) and HoMie (homiestreetstore.com.au) with customers voting for which place gets the most money by putting those tokens into the jar when they buy a burger. How lucky are we to claim Grill’d as Melbourne born? Head down to their Collingwood restaurant, I promise there are at least ten things on the menu for you.

230 Smith St, Collingwood VIC 3066. www.grilld.com.au.



Speaking of top quality, let’s chat Moo Brew – Tasmanian brewed craft beers of a particularly artisanal feel. Born at  Mona of course, Hobart’s museum of old and new art and having recently released a new range of tinnies, just in time for winter and also, for Dark Mofo. The Moo Brew label designs are impressive enough themselves, showcasing works by Australian artist John Kelly, and contents crafted to an exceptionally high standard by a team of brewers led by Dave Macgill. Excitingly, the new tinnies take on a little extra creativity than usual, with fresh new looks of the same John Kelly artwork, yet mashed. The design team of Moo Brew have worked through the new line by paying honour to John Kellly’s approach – taking an image and then recreating it in its own style. Expect the cans to look a little bit different, but still adorned with unique artworks attached to each style. However, the beer inside the cans? No change necessary. So while you’re art glaring, performance experiencing, enjoying live music, cheese nibbling or even oyster slurping this Dark Mofo, accompany the moment with Moo Brew to push your experience to its limit. Moo Brew cans can be found during Dark Mofo at the following events: Dark Park, The Winter Feast, Mogwai, Transliminal, The Welcome Stranger, all the gigs at The Odeon, MONA's bars and Source restaurant, MONA's launch of the Museum of Everything, and the Music Tas House Party at Preachers on Sunday the 18th.




Hey society, stop making us feel guilty for loving cheese, am I right ladies? At least Dairy Australia agrees with me last week uncovering a nationwide survey that found seven in ten Aussie women experience feelings of guilt from eating cheese, and that the most common reason is the perception that cheese is fattening. How silly is this? Not to worry ladies, this perception is about to flip right around as the Dairy Australia team open Feel Good Cheese – a pop-up cheese shop in Port Melbourne designed to leave people feeling good, and not guilty, about eating cheese. With free tastings and discovery sessions, the event will feature Australian cheeses from Yarra Valley Dairy, Calendar Cheese and That's Amore Cheese. And just to melt those perceptions a little further, each attendee will leave with a goody bag with enough cheese to have you serving up platters for days. However, all good cheese must come to its limits so don’t miss out. There will be limited sessions so get in quick! Plus, it’s free. Free cheese – need I say more?

350 Bay Street, Port Melbourne. Get your tickets here.