Beat Eats

This weekend you better head down to The B.East, if you ask me. Not only is the pub one of the most comforting venues to enjoy your time in (especially when it's raining as the pitter-patters against the glass doors  seem to always lull me into a good mood), but also as they welcome Ribfest to this Saturday’s agenda. Yes, it’s exactly as you suspect, a food festival celebrating ribs but also rock’n’ roll which is exactly what ribs would be if they were a music genre. There’s a choice of 48 hour Beef Short Ribs, Maple and Thyme Lamb Ribs, Buttermilk Chicken Ribs and Pineapple & Rum glazed Pork Ribs. To accompany, sip on Barrow Boys beers or Jack Daniel’s Whiskytails. Now that you’re sitting in heaven, you may as well let Devil Electric and Sleeper Service sing you to the gods.
If ribs don’t do it for you, that’s okay, steer your Uber towards one of these five venues – Asian Beer Cafe, Father’s Office, The Shaw Davey Slum, The Bank on Collins and Fitzroy Social –  head to the bar and simply say “One unicorn cocktail please.” What the bartender will whip up I promise will be nothing short of rainbow-coloured majestic beauty – just like a unicorn. The cocktails are the creation of the Retail Savvy Group and come in three species, Twinkle Sparkle, Peachy Pie and Rainbow Dash.  All look fabulous and add a little more fun to your night.
Some of you can still smell the ribs on your fingers, others are throwing up rainbows, but whether either or both of these are you on Sunday, there’s no excuse for missing out on Burger Day at the Dandenong Markets. There will be Schnitzel Burgers, Sushi Burgers, Kueh Burgers, Cupcake Burgers and Donut Burgers, a Burger Passport to stamp your way around the market globe (with the hope of winning a $500 market voucher), plus,  if you conquer the Freak Force Burger – a four beef patty type monster – you could even burger your way up to the Burger Day Throne. So burger-lovers, who’s with me? Have I mentioned burger enough?