An award-winning pizza joint is opening at the former Pentridge Prison

Lock me up and throw away the key, this sounds pretty bloody good. 

If you've ever wanted to eat pizza in a prison, then your cheesy (and slightly twisted) dreams have just come true. 
Prison food has gone up a notch at the former Pentridge Prison, with Zero 95 Wood Fire Pizza Bar locked in to serve up some slices as part of the Coburg redevelopment. 
This pizza is pretty tasty. It literally won the award for World's Best Margherita at Naples' largest pizza competition, the Caputa Cup - so there's that. I mean, I'm not going to go for any 'last meal' related puns here, because that would be tasteless. But let's just say that this pizza is so good it's criminal. 

Oh, and one last thing. Did you hear about the 15-screen cinema that's also opening up there too?