Applause-worthy places to spoil yourself with at mealtime

Everyone’s in a good mood this week. Is it because your team’s in the grand final? Is your skin a radiant shade of sun-kissed? Or maybe you’re just a regular patron of our city, spoilt each and every mealtime with an overflow of options so goddamn delicious they’re worth applauding. This week, I’d like to share these applause-worthy places. 

The Skylark Room in Upwey welcomes skilful music acts each and every night of the week, but have you tried their food? It’s definitely a worthy choice. Recently welcoming fresh spring flavours to the menu, the kitchen takes its flavour inspiration from the diverse Australian palette, giving you plenty to indulge in while enjoying the live talent they showcase. Their burgers are creative, including combinations like Moroccan Spiced Mushroom or Coleslaw and Chicken Schnitzel. Other dishes I’d suggest are the Pumpkin Risotto or Chicken Al a King. Oh, and their Wild Boar Salami Spaghetti is said to be their star dish.
Windsor welcomes a new member to the family and they’ve been romancing Chapel Street since they opened just two weeks ago. Belle Vie Tapas Bar’s the one to blame. Their French/European-inspired menu draws inspiration mainly from the power of French cuisine yet uses lighter finishes signature to European-style cooking. A dish that captures this cooking style is their French Onion Arrancini, which marries French and Italian cooking in a wonderful little starter. Other notable dishes are the French Meatballs and Scotch Fillet which I overheard being ordered time and time again when I gave them a visit last week. Make sure to add wine to your experience, it’s the perfect partner for such beautiful food. I’d suggest the Chardonnay or Cabernet Sauvignon (Cab Sav). 
And now for something sweet. I’ve previously mentioned my beloved local Italian restaurant Amicioni who’s family have been running it since they first migrated to Australia back in 1950. Yes, I’ve spoken about their homemade pasta straight from the heart like their Linguini Marinara, Gnocchi all’Amatriciana and so on. But I’ve never ever mentioned their desserts, which I can’t help but pop in for regularly on my route home. My heart will always melt for their Ricotta and Crushed Pistachio Cannolis or their Vanilla Bean Panna Cotta. Plus they offer massive Cannoli Cakes (think of a million little Cannolis sitting in one giant Cannoli, wrapped in a ribbon), so you know where to head before your next celebration.