This anti-waste pop-up bar is transforming trash into cocktails

Taking over a Melbourne bar for two weeks. 

Trash Tiki, the anti-waste punk pop-up from bartenders Iain Griffiths and Kelsey Ramage, is set to take over The Beaufort for two weeks after making waves across 27 cities in Europe, Asia, the US, Mexico and more. 

The idea is simple. A sprawling party – complete with themed nights and events –that serves up tropical cocktails and specially-brewed beers from ingredients that would typically be treated as waste. 

"From ramen joints to high-end hotel bars, the purpose of taking Trash Tiki around the world is to see how cuisines and cultures treat food waste, which often still has loads of flavour despite putting them in the trash rather than using them," says Griffiths. "Talking about all that gets pretty boring but, so turning it all into a no-frills, good time out is what we make the real focus." 

And a good time out is exactly what it'll be. Expect an old school punk soundtrack ranging from The Cramps to the Misfits, peppered with guilty pleasures from the early '90s and '00s. There'll also be punk karaoke and trivia, an all-day party celebrating this year's Hottest 100, and a hip hop-fuelled sustainable wine night. 

In the past, Trash Tiki has popped up for a single night. But Melbourne being Melbourne, they're making the concept bigger and bolder than it's ever been before. 

"Usually, we come in throw a one night raging party," says Ramage. "This time we’re gonna really
test everything we’ve learnt over the last seven months and run shit as a real, actual bar.”

You know what they say. One man's trash is another man's treasure. 

Get down to Trash Tiki's Melbourne pop-up when it takes over The Beaufort from January 22 - February 3.