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Alter Bridge :: AB III

While their 2004 debut effort One Day Remains sounded exactly as you would have expected, Alter Bridge’s sophomore effort Blackbird in 2007 was something completely different and altogether unexpected. The band proved to everyone that there was more depth and credibility to their sound than simply sounding like a clone of their former outfit.
It’s been three years since then, and while Creed have since made a return to the live arena, it hasn’t brought an end to Alter Bridge, with the four-piece act returning with their long awaited third full-length effort AB III.
Promising a darker tone and theme to that shown on Blackbird, Alter Bridge kick off their latest effort with Slip To The Void, which definitely delivers. With huge riffs, flashes of shredding guitar work, emotive vocals from Myles Kennedy, Slip To The Void is not only the sound of Alter Bridge at their heaviest, but also their best. Quite simply, the song is an absolute stunner.
Despite its catchier choruses, Isolation is bolstered with some tight-knit riff-work from Mark Tremonti that certainly adds a real metallic edge to the heavy, anthemic track, while the melancholic heavy ballad Ghost Of Days Gone By, the uplifting Make It Right and the slower paced All Hope Is Gone are definite favourites and potential singles. From here, the quality of the album never falters, with songs such as the driving Still Remains, I Know It Hurts, Coeur D’Alene and the epic closer Words Darker Than Their Wings superbly balanced out with songs such as the slower Fallout, the moody Show Me A Sign and Breathe Again.
On the whole, AB III confirms what was already made clear with their former effort – and that is that, while Alter Bridge may feature members of Creed, that’s the only element that links the pair. Alter Bridge are, musically, on an entirely different plane to Creed, and one that allows the members that make up the band to prove themselves as first class musicians and song writers.