An all-day bar and grill inspired by natural history museums is hitting Melbourne

Education while you eat. 

It will be open for coffee, food and booze all day long, and incorporates two venues: a front cafe, serving the usual coffee-pastry-sandwich fare, and a back bar and grill, with a massive 350 seats, very much in the style of an American bistro. 

Head chef Morgan McGlone, the genius behind Belles Hot Chicken, has put a "South American twist" on the menu, bringing a bit of crab lasagne, iced shrimp cocktail and cajun fish sandwich to the people of Melbourne. 

You might just fool yourself into thinking you're at an upper-clase NYC bistro after a trip to the National History Museum in Central Park West, when really, you're having knock off drinks on Collins St, Melbourne. 

We're as excited about the decor as we are the food, which promises murals, diaoramas, peacocks, foxes and mountain goats. 

Natural History launches on Wednesday March 14, and will be open five days a week, 7am to 1am and 5pm to 1am on Saturdays. More info and a full menu is available online