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Alexkid Returns to Revolver

Here not too long ago and a firm favourite of Melbourne crowds for his ability to whip a dancefloor up into a frenzy (as evidenced by his appearance at last year’s KUBIK Melbourne), Alexkid is a truly masterful musician. 

With roots in the early nineties Paris rave scene alongside other French house luminaries including St Germain and Mr. Oizo, Alexkid has spent years being one of the most forward-thinking and exciting acts on the revered Laurent Garnier's label F Communcations as well as on Radio Slave's own imprint Rekids and  Luciano's Cadenza Split Composition project, defining good music for connoisseurs of French techno and electronica. He'll be joining Melbourne favourites Safari and Mike Callander to DJ on multiple decks, just as they did last year at the closing party for KUBIK - and trust us, we can be certain Alexkid's return will be nothing short of immense.

Catch Alexkid et al at Revolver on Friday August 31.