30 Seconds With...Chris Canty of The Happiest Hour

Hi there! Who are we talking to and what can you tell us about The Happiest Hour?
Chris Canty, founder of THH - that's me in the middle. It’s a website and app that finds the best food & drink specials around Australia and NZ. At last count, we listed over 4000 of them.
How did you come up with the idea for the app?
Back in 2004, my local in Fitzroy stopped serving $5 jugs in happy hour (those were the days), and it dawned on us we had no idea where to find others. That was the last time we paid full price.
What practical applications would it have for one of our readers?
That’s pretty obvious - cheap piss. But saying that, we make a real effort to promote craft beer and high quality fare. We rank specials out of five based on this.
Are you looking at implementing any changes to the app in the future?
With over 100k downloads, we are always looking to improve the functionality and reliability of the app. Soon users will be able to receive notifications if one of their favourite-tagged venues changes their specials.
Have you or friends of yours used it for a night out? How did that go?
We probably use it more than anyone else, often roaming the backstreets of Fitzroy and Collingwood from special to special. The “nearest special” feature is pretty handy for this. Sometimes we see people using it on public transport as well and feel pretty chuffed.