24 Inches of Madness: Meet Melbourne's biggest delivery pizza


Weighing in with a hefty 24-inch diameter, Duke Pizza has officially taken the crown for Melbourne's biggest delivery pizza. 

Whether you need to feed your entire extended family or want to be the biggest legend at your next house party, this is well worth a look into.

Also, if you just want to order one for yourself and eat the entire thing to yourself while binge-watching Master of None - please feel free. No judgement here. 

They'll deliver throughout the CBD, Docklands, Carlton, Parkville, Collingwood, East Melbourne, Princess Hill, Kensington and North Melbourne. As for what toppings you'll be able to enjoy, there are options including braised lamb, crispy pork, and a selection of classics too. 

Pizza. You can never get enough of it. Watch our pizza-eating talk show Havin' A Slice below for more. 

Check out Duke Pizza on 660 Elizabeth St, CBD.