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Grinderman's Photo Competition

Grinderman has just announced an awesome new competition. The opportunity has arisen for all you budding photographers out there to be part of the sensational music world.


Next week, Grinderman will be ripping up several stages across Australia in honour of their new album, Grinderman 2. What they need from the fans is a whole lotta passion and a whole lotta talent.


If you are an aspiring photographer and want to capture some once in a lifetime moments across this tour, you can register your interest and your gift with the band.


Submit your details and a digital portfolio to grindermanphotocontest@gmail.com. Specify a show you want to photograph for and don’t forget to include all of your contact details.


There will be a winner for each show and his/her work will be published on the band’s website and Facebook page.


Entries close 48 hours before the shows.