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Wanda Sykes at Capitol Theatre

For the first time ever, Wanda Sykes was in town for the Melbourne International Comedy Festival and she certainly lived up to the hype.

Kudos to Keith Robinson – who opened the act – for introducing himself as the pickle in the takeaway sandwich that no one ordered but everyone ends up eating. He may have at times sounded a whole lot like a Philly version of Dave Chappelle (which comes as no surprise given he’s worked as a writer for his show) but he sure did warm up the crowd giving them a taste of the even more politically incorrect main to follow.
Let’s be honest here: Wanda Sykes is a comedy legend as a writer and performer that had her own show for a while, appearances in Seinfeld, Curb Your Enthusiasm, The New Adventures of Old Christine and voicing characters in a number of animated films such as Rio and Ice Age 4. Not bad for a girl who started her career in National Security Agency of all places.
Maybe her first job was the reason she got a bit carried away with US politics at the beginning although being a seasoned comedy veteran she slowly started winning over the audience. Her show had a bit of everything; for her die-hard fans, it was a bit of a compilation of popular routines (like Esther) from her three major previous acts, namely Tongue Untied, Sick and Tired and I’ma Be Me whereas for first-timers, she certainly must’ve left quite an impression with her antics about her kids and how she deals with getting older.Her facial expressions, razor sharp timing and her Obama - as well as her own - family impressions are world-class.
That doesn’t mean that there weren’t any new additions to her act; she had everyone in stitches with the Dick Banger and Miss-Drop-it-like-it’s-Hot impressions of her kids and along with the seal/fuck routine in the aquarium, you get the sense that these are bound to become instant Wanda Sykes classics.