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Tom Gleeson - Good One

Tom Gleeson’s been doing comedy for 15 years and it shows. Material-wise, of course. He manages to cover several pressing social issues without losing any flow. Gleeson is consistently funny and every bit as endearing as he is impassioned. He often opens with a blunt statement before elaborating with fervent opinions; particularly memorable was the rant on his disdain for the Monarch. Most drop-dead-hilarious moment, however, occurred during his segment on a back-flip gone wrong.
Gleeson opens up about his family and personal views, which allows the diverse crowd to feel well-acquainted with the comic. His explanations as to why he’s thinking about bringing up his new-born daughter as a lesbian are thoughtful, witty and pertinent. But it’s his story about a surprising contestant in a cruise comedy competition that leads to the highlight of the show, which you’ll have to see in person to believe and truly appreciate.