This is Siberian Husky - The Misery Factory

The Misery Factory is a place of dystopian nightmares, a workhouse of pain, the shop floor of hell, where the products cause the pain and irritation of your day to day life and the cogs are greased by the tears of small children.

This bad dream is brought to life by This is Siberian Husky, two lovely fellows intent on turning sketch comedy into Terry Gilliam’s Brazil. They jump in and out of characters like little kids jumping in and climbing out of a pool on a hot summers day, which is to say unreserved gleeful abandon, with no concern for their safety or the safety of others.
It is the comedy of the absurd, advertising literal products of misery, rather than cigarettes it is the truth, and taking that logic to its eventual end. They are tight, confidant, intense and likable performers in control of the room and likely to grow ever more manic throughout their run.

This is Siberian Husky  - The Misery Factory is playing the Pizza Room of the Forum Theatre through to Sunday April 7 and then The Tuxedo Cat Thursday April 11 to Saturday April 20.